Monday, September 25, 2006

Creation in Five Days

I believe the universe was created in 6 literal days.

I believe that the earth's age is in the thousands of years and not in the millions.

And while not an issue of salvation, I believe that ideas on creation really matter.

While wasting away in a trailer by myself this summer, I watched a series of films on evolution and creation by a man named Ken Ham who founded a ministry called "Answers in Genesis." This ministry exists to defend the validity of the much-attacked first book of the Bible. He transformed this issue from something which seemed to be a mere externality into a crisis which threatens the integrity of the Bible and, by consequence, the Christian faith.

Opposing sides very clearly exist in this debate, but the disagreement does not come from the facts. Everyone has the same set of facts. It is the interpretation that causes the breach, and each interpretation is colored by perspective, the glasses through which one sees the evidence. When one approaches the evidence with worldly glasses, we are left with good theories punctured by a few key questions (ie, what came before the Big Bang; given sedimentation, why are some older rocks on top of younger ones, etc.). When one approaches the evidence with Biblical glasses, real science actually supports the Bible's claims.

On the ground level, it's simply a matter of either starting with the Truth of science and trying to squeeze it in between the verses of the Bible or starting with the Truth of the Bible and then seeing that science does not contradict it but actually provides evidence for it.

It's really quite exciting - even for an English major. More to come tomorrow.


Tammy O said...

well said.

Em the luddite said...

One of the regular blogs I check, Wonders for Oyarsa (name taken from C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy), has gone into this discussion in detail. The blogger is blogging through the Bible, and is now in Exodus after having already done Genesis and Job. The origonal post dealing with the creation story set up an interesting recent discussion about the Genesis story, relating it to things that Chesterton, Lewis and Augustine have said. You may end up disagreeing with the blogger, but you may find his stuff interesting anyway. (I hope all those links worked... it was the first time I tried to do them.)

Em the luddite said...

For some reason only the first link worked... which is curious, since I did the same thing for all three. Oh well... I'll have to get someone who actually knows what he's doing to teach me one day. Here are the other links:

origonal post:
recent discussion: