Friday, September 29, 2006

A Grey Friday

Despite the title of Monday’s post, I’m moving on from the creation stuff today (although be encouraged to respond to yesterday's post if you would like to contribute thoughts). Partly because I have found the soapbox to be less cozy than originally thought. But mostly because we have bigger things to attend to:

After sifting through the excessive usage of synonyms for “harlot” as well as the uncomfortably sexual tone of Grey’s A last night, here are my thoughts.

-It was touching to see Bailey reach out to Lizzy; however, I don’t remember Bailey doing anything that should cause her to take any blame for what happened to Denny.

-I expressed my opinions concerning Grey, McDreamy, and Chris O’Donnell last Friday – which makes this date-off stuff all the more ridiculous. If I was either one of those guys, I’d be peacing out in a hurry.

-Speaking of COD, I can’t take his character seriously. Every time I see him, all I think of is him in tights, playing Batman’s sidekick. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Let’s be honest, folks, Grey’s A doesn’t hold a candle to the Batman movies. But in fairness, what does?

-I still have positive feelings towards Addison, but my position is becoming more and more untenable. My reasons for liking her just don’t hold up, given what she’s done. Maybe I just like the actress. I don’t know. I can’t explain it.

-Respond with a :) if you’ve ever danced alone in your room like George’s girlfriend did last night. And not to get a workout in but because it just felt so good.



Jenn Pappa said...

Hey! :) (you know what that smiley face means...)

About Bailey, she felt responsible not for encouraging Lizzy but for not stepping in more forcefully to change the situation. There were definite moments where she neglected to address the issue and let things slide. I'm not sure however if I think she should be held responsible.. I think she's blaming herself too much. But man am I glad they are helping Izzy get out of her slump... so sad.

The "dating" the married guy and the vet thing is totally upsurd. I'm so past this story and I think Meredith is incredibly selfish. However, I like that she threw the ball in their court and now they have to pursue her. But really, it was just a ploy to keep the story going. And that decision came out of no-where, they didn't show her thought process at all.

Chris ODonnell's character can't be taken seriously because he doesn't have much of one except to be the "nice" guy who adds some competition. There is nothing about the guy except he likes animals and his wife died. And WHAT is it about Meredith that these guys are all about?

About Addison, had she been sleeping with him before she found out about McDreamy? Cause I thought that guy wasn't in town. Either way, I feel sorry for her failed marriage, but she has a crappy way of dealing with her problems.

Ah that felt good... I don't think I said anything that wasn't superficial. Love it.

Leslie said...

I am hypocritically responding to this as I have not read humble apologies. However, upon reading/skimming many of your entries (my internet time here is rather limited :) ), two things to say (sorry, I have to):
a. I didn't read this entry because, I, for one, have not seen Grey's. I am rather bitter about this. Imagine opening a friendly blog in a little Guatemalan office, hoping for some words of wisdom, and seeing comments on something incredibly dear to your heart that you can't be a part of because, a, it is not shown in your country, and b, if it were, it would clearly be shown in horribly dubbed over spanish. Ouch. That's all. Ouch.
b. Seriously, really interesting thoughts about creation. I"m not sure if I agree with them, mainly because I am probably of the group that at this point takes the science and sort of fits the creation story in there. Not saying I think this is the way to go, just that, for awhile I have just put this issue on the backburner because I dídn't see it as important enough to stress over. Thanks for making me think.
It's even more interesting here because the church here is much conservative than I am, plus, I have heard that they really only look at the first chapter of Genesis, not the second. We shall see more when I get to community. Anyway, thanks for sharing!! :)

Megan said...

I've just finished watching season two of Grey's on DVD... Burke is my favorite, with Bailey coming in a close second and Christina third... pretty much everyone else bothers me in some way or another... especially Meredith, I really don't like her.

On a more serious note, I thought I'd join the contigency of people who post ridiculously long comments on your blog since I just went back and read all the old posts.

I'm sure you're not shocked to hear that I disagree with you about the literal six day creation thing... my heretical leanings are part of my charm ;-)

Here's my question... what if you're wrong? how does that change your faith, does it shake it a little? destroy it? because maybe it's dangerous for our faith in God and Christ to hinge on these types of issues.

and what about those people who are unable to accept a faith in Christ because they can't believe that certain things in the bible literally happened, how do we proceed there?

Ben said...

It wouldn't surprise me a bit if I got to Heaven and found out earth was not created in six literal days. That doesn't matter. What does matter to me is:

1) the inerrancy of Scripture
2) my sin which caused(s) death and brokeness

I think creation has a lot to do with these two ideas but is rarely treated in light of them.

My faith is totally misdirected if it is not focused on the person of Jesus (which was one of my brother's points in his post a couple days ago). In this specific, creation does not play a vital role. However, it's hard to say that my faith does not rest on the inerrancy of Scripture and the conviction of my sin. Holy Scripture (which tells me who God is) and the depths of my sin (which allow me to begin to know the inconceivable love of my Father) play crucial roles in my relationship with my Savior, Lord, and Friend.

Concerning the last question, the Holy Spirit convicts people to accept faith in Christ, not our techniques or words. Would I begin talking about Jesus by defending a 6 day creation? No way. That would show no wisdom, discernment, or cultural relevancy - all of which are biblical. At the same time, it's not our jobs to make faith easy for people. Our callings are to point to God through the Scritpures (even when offensive) and merely witness to the Light. It's the Spirit which allows people to accept Christ.

Thanks for the comments - even in their "ridiculous" length!