Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Friday!

I'm going to keep it brief today, so ya'll can take a look at comments made on Tues and Thurs' posts if you would like. Folks have put some great stuff up there, so take a little time to look it over and hopefully contribute to the discussion.

A couple quick points:

-Golf's Ryder Cup is this weekend. The bi-annual event always provides some of the best drama in sports, partly because it always creates a poignant dynamic when athletes who compete as individuals their whole lives come together to play as a team (see also tennis players in the Davis Cup, tracksters in relays, and intellectuals in Quiz Bowl).

-Grey's A premiered last night. Reflections: George did well not to say, "I love you," if he isn't ready; to do so would only cheapen the word. Through the 9 months that I have been watching the show, Bailey has been the only consistently likeable character. Grey doesn't deserve McDreamy or Chris O'Donnell. And most troubling, why do I find myself liking Addison so much?

-My furniture comes tomorrow! I can't wait to rise from the shadowy depths of the air mattress to the glorious heights of mattress and box spring.


Megan said...

Ben Humphries, I'm horribly upset with you that you didn't inform me of your new blogging habit... I'm very sad that I don't have the time at this moment to go back and read all the old posts.

Christa said...

Ben, i did not realize that you liked Grey's anatomy! I had quite a time finding a place to watch here in town since none of us volunteers have cable...but we did find a place. I concurr with your analysis, though I don't like Addison, Bailey is my fav too...and izzy. peace out.

Tiffany said...

Grey's A just wasn't the same without our Sunday night crew! I watched the whole show thinking how we'd all react to things and almost sent out a group email afterwards.

Anyhow, I am with you on the George comment, Meredith doesn't deserve Chris O'Donnell, and the writers are manipulating us with Addison.

Enjoy sleeping like a king!

Tiffany said...

(I meant Meredith ESPECIALLY didnt deserve Chris)

KaTiE said...

I am glad to hear you are such a big Grey's Anatomy fan also =) I find it kinda funny and yet predictable that we girls have all responded to this post. I agree with your take on the whole Meredith and McDreamy/Chris O'Donnell triangle. Bailey is definitely the glue that holds this band of misfits together. I agree with Tiffany on the whole Addison thing though. They are just playing the sympathy card for right now...another dark secret will present itself OR McSteamy could come back into town.

Congratulations on the furniture!!

Laura! said...

AHHH! ADDISON IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER. and i despise DESPISE both meredith and derrick. I think we may have the same brain, which is a very frightening thought.

-- Laura M

Jenn Pappa said...

Ben, I hope you are sleeping comfy

Grey's anatomy- what did people think about the whole "in a job like this, i HAVE to believe" thing? and the plague? REALLY? The plague? come on...

Ben said...

The show seems to move dangerously close to this issue of the afterlife but never actually do anything with it. I can't remember specifics (although I think Heaven came up in the interactions between the two people stuck together by the big pole after a car wreck last season), but I do remember getting the feel that the show broaches the subject and then says nothing about it. I guess in a medical show you can't avoid death and its consequences, and it's not an easy topic to deal with if you don't have grounded beliefs on it. I see this unease in the show. Bailey certainly didn't seem to believe what she was saying - kind of like, "I have to say this to make him - and myself - feel better even though I can't really believe this."

KaTiE said...

I think you are right.

This is the only episode I can remember that a character really believed in the issue of the afterlife and later has to defend his beliefs: Denny was DNR, so if he died in heart surgery, he died. He believed in Heaven and if "I had to choose between life here and one in Heaven, I'd choose Heaven." Izzie had a hard time accepting this, but realized that she was being selfish in the end.

At the same time, the show brings forth a diversity of other beliefs. Take for instance two episodes last season: 1.) the young girl who needed a certain organ transplant immediately, in which Alex researched a cow/pig organ could be used in the place of a human's organ. She made daily devotions and had a hard time accepting the possibility an animal organ...she had a priest figure-head pray/ritual for her right before surgery. 2.) Derek and Meredith had to convince a religious man to allow his daughter to have a life saving surgery. However, the father (and daughter)believed his daughter needed to find her final soul by a shaman.

It is very interesting how the show barely puts their feet into a variety of beliefs/religions, but never really goes further with them. I never thought about all of this until your response. I'll have to pay more attn. in episodes to come.