Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where Has This Been All My Life?

A reporter came to the campground in August, wanting to interview campers about their thoughts on summer's end. Not quite. Two questions into her first interview, she breached the subject of a deadly virus carried by mosquitos which had recently taken the lives of a couple locals. She knew the story she wanted before she arrived, and she got it.

As she set up to broadcast, our manager grasped the opportunity for free publicity, sending us bathroom cleaners to gather up every child we could find and hurry them to the playground (a pleasant reprieve from our usual duties, I might add). This made it appear as if we had all of Middleboro, MA, playing and laughing on our campground, even though it was Tuesday and the campground was all but empty. The good people of southern Massachusetts who watched Channel 7 News heard and saw exactly what the decision-makers wanted them to hear and see.

When watching the creation presentations, I felt a lot like these news watchers. The speaker presented many arguments which I had never before encountered. The odd thing was they seemed to make some sense. He made scientific arguments for a global flood creating the fossil record, for large scale seismic activity laying down millions of years of sedimentation a whole lot faster than millions of years, and even for the co-existence of humans and dinosaurs - which sounds absurd, but I wonder how absurd it would sound if I hadn't grown up being told how absurd this idea is. We do co-exist with some rather large, violent creatures even today.

Now, I am supremely ignorant when it comes to science, so I make no bold proclamations on these issues. All I have are humbled personal opinions. The incredible thing about this presentation was that it used science to make these arguements, but it also used the Bible. For me, that was a powerful, and more importantly, a new combination.

Do know that some scientists believe in thousands of years and not simply in a fundamentalist, Bible-thumping, unthoughtful manner. I had no clue people like that existed before this summer. If you want more, the Answers in Genesis website will provide material that will give academic and intellectual specifics - something which I have neither the space nor the ability to do. And as Alex commented yesterday, "Creation and Time" by Hugh Ross is a Bible-based source to get the other side on the debate.

I've rambled a lot the last couple days with very little relevance. I really do think this stuff has huge consequences for us though, and for the next two days, that's where I want to go.


Tammy O said...

Also check out
Institute for Creation Research

Jenn Pappa said...

what are the huge consequences?

katie said...

when were there reporters at the koa?