Friday, October 13, 2006

Everybody's Workin for the Weekend. . . .

. . . . and I'm included this time!

The beautiful thing about retail is that sometimes you work 9 out of 10 days because so many of your co-workers request one weekend off that the only way the company can avoid giving you overtime is to give you a 3-day weekend. This is my current lot.

Thoughts heading into my mini-vacation:

-Friday Dose of Grey: Christine treats Preston like a icon or a machine, not man; this really bothers me. In light of yesterday's post, I found it ironic so much focus was placed on people defining themselves by their job (the salesman, Burke and Christine); as usual, Bailey spoke reason into that discussion. Addison gave me some ammo to defend her with, admitting her mistake and genuinely serving her enemy, Grey, with the words she spoke to McDreamy. I continue to love Addison.

-I'm heading up to Chapel Hill to see this wretched UNC football team for the first time in person this weekend. One must support in good times and bad, so I'm off to put my time in. I think people overact and call for coach's heads too often, so I don't like to do it. But Bunting has to go. We've had hope because of improved play and good recruiting classes the last 2 years that we might soon start winning. At some point though, you do actually have to start winning and that hasn't happened. Hope has left Kenan Stadium. Bunting should too.

-Speaking of football, it's a good sports weekend to be off. Got UNC/South Florida tickets, then will be home in time for #2 Florida/#11 Auburn Saturday night, followed by a huge game for the Panthers at Baltimore on Sunday afternoon. Plus, all this time will give me opportunity to prepare for my upcoming Fantasy NBA Draft on Monday night. I'm sure ya'll hear more about that later.

-Finally, while shelving, I've noticed that one of the most prolific writers in the "General Dogs" section has the last name of Katz. One of his titles: "Katz on Dogs." Talk about a calling.


Em the luddite said...

Yay for Ben coming to Chapel Hill! I'm living at the other place next door, so shoot me a call if you want to hang out!

Ben said...

Unfortunately, this is a one-day, go to the game, see Grandma, come home trip with my dad, so I won't have any free visit time in the area. Hopefully, that trip is coming soon though. I was just told Chapel Hill is looking beautiful today in all its fall splendor.

Jenn Pappa said...

It definitely is.. and the state fair is going to be looking beautiful tonite as well in this crisp but sunny fall day. ahh.