Friday, October 20, 2006

Reflections on Kenan

The Tar Heels game last night was bad beyond words. Rarely does one see announcers struggle so badly to say something, anything, like Fowler and Herbstreit struggled during my time watching. But honestly, what do two guys who are used to watching Ohio State, Florida, Texas, and Notre Dame say about that team? After watching it (ok, ok, occassionally flipping to it), I needed happy thoughts. A couple reasons why I love Kenan Stadium:

-T.A. McClendon fumbling on the 1
-the way everything looks from the stadium above the treeline
-unlike basketball, one can always get tickets
-the way it reminds me of my childhood; we always went because of aforementioned tickets
-going into the 4th quarter against Miami - with a chance
-last Saturday was 60 degrees and sunny
-dancing to the band because, hey, we had to entertain ourselves somehow
-stubbing my toe on a torn-down goal post
-the hype of an ABC television truck watching my walk to class on Friday morning
-pretending to run the option down the elementary school hall because Jason Stanicek gave me something to get excited about on the weekends for the first time in my young life
-beating Wake Forest for my first college ACC win - a year and a half after I enrolled
-singing the alma mater
-Julius Peppers
-how I've never been in that stadium without someone I cared about beside me

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