Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wanted: A Lighter Leg

Some moral (for lack of a better word) situations in our society have become so talked about that they have become near cliches. Men often spend an excessive amount of time at work, passing on other supposedly "more important" things in life. True servanthood emerges when no one is looking. When life gets busy, exercise is the first aspect of life to exit stage left.

I used to think that when approached by these issues (if I ever allowed them to approach me, as my haughty thinking went), I would immediately recognize them, buck the societal trend, and perform magnificently where so many others have simply proved the cliche.

Alas, reality and humility. My old nemeses.

Over the past couple months, I have noticed these cliched situations emerge in my life. I see them clearly. I know the proper course of action, as I've heard about them in songs, movies, and Delilah's nightly radio call-in program. And yet I still choose to fail - or perhaps more accurately, I choose passivity.

Wanting to please men, I actively labor for more hours at work.

Too lazy and stubborn to serve, the trash in my apartment continues to waste away.

In lieu of running, I give sugar to whatever Willy Wonka product is closest at hand.

I was suppose to rage against these things, but suddenly they are a very real part of my life. The good news is I seem to at least see the problems. Identification and confession may be the first step towards a solution. Unfortunately, my other leg seems rather heavy at the moment.

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Tammy O said...

Boy, does that hit close to home! I am nervously contemplating asking God to do some physical therapy on my "bad leg." Nervously, because I know such experiences can often be painful. But I've been limping around for so long...