Tuesday, November 14, 2006

401(k), Medical Insurance, and Celebrities

Odd Encounter of the Week: Roy Williams' Daughter

Borders is starting to become the equivalent of Morton's or the Hollywood walk of fame (or whatever that place is called where all those names are carved in stars on the ground). While working, I've bumped into Kris Jenkins and Antawn Jamison's brother-in-law while just missing Panthers kicker John Kasey.

So today I'm chatting with a woman who frequents the store a couple times a week. We met about 2 months ago when I inquired about her t-shirt from the now extinct "23" restaurant that used to sit on Franklin St. in Chapel Hill. She graduated from UNC with an English major and still spends some weekends back up there visiting, so we usually have lots to talk about.

I was recounting my past weekend to her today, mentioning that I had gone to the Georgia Tech/UNC football game on Saturday. She countered by saying she was going to the Sacred Heart/UNC basketball opener tonight in Charlotte. Interested in attending myself, I asked where she got the tickets and how much she had to pay for them.

"Well, me dad's Roy Williams, so -"

I cut her off. "What?!?!? You've gotta be kidding!"

As if people lie about something like that. Good thinking, Humphries. And just for more irrational good measure:

"You're kidd - no, people wouldn't kid about this."

For those of you not familiar with the UNC culture, basketball is a big deal. In fact, it's the biggest deal. Butch Davis must not - and cannot - know this yet. Roy is the head coach of said basketball team, the man who we all greeted at the Dean Dome at 9pm on a weekday night my sophomore year when he decided to be our coach. Roy wins. And wins National Championships. Roy takes an interest in the school, both its athletics and academics. Roy does his job with class and abstains from placing his fist under a player's jaw. In short, Roy does his job about as well as one can do it, and the UNC nation loves him for it.

I stiffled my urge to plead for tickets, an autograph, or a handshake and promptly tried to gain control of myself. I didn't want to pull a 10 year-old school girl routine on her like I did Kris Jenkins (see blog entry from Oct 17). I really hate this awe I have for celebrities. They are people too and probably get tired of being treated like ideal concepts or beings uniquely defined by their occupations or relationships. Being related to Roy is probably pretty cool, but I imagine being an individual is even better. Yet, that thought still couldn't control my instinctive reaction to hearing that I was and had been speaking to Roy's kin.

Just like my encounter with Kris Jenkins, I once again walked around the store with a smile on my face the rest of the day, wanting to do nothing but share with family and friends that I had just had a brush with greatness. Say what I will about Borders but the job has turned out to have some pretty nice perks besides the retirement and medical plans.


Jeff said...

so when are you two going out???

Ben said...

as soon as you and your pal from baltimore do :)

Jeff said...

you bastard

Anonymous said...

the thing is they are not that special. Most of them are asses in their private life. My son is best friends with Kris Jenkins' son. For his most recent birthday Kris came in for 3 minutes w/entourage never spoke to his son, did not mingle w/his own teammates ("because I don't mess with them like that" he sayes) All because he was annoyed because he looked in the stands one game and mother and son were gone off to the bathroom. Don't idelize theys guys I have seen first hand how hard this lady works just to get him to attend his SON's flag football games in the offseason. I am sure you are much more of a quality person than many of these guys. Idealize yourself. Take care!! Ali