Friday, November 03, 2006

A Grey Friday

Thoughts on Grey while trying to be ham:

-I watched last night's episode in a room with 4 other men and no women, even while #3 West Virginia and #5 Lousiville were running up and down the field on each other with a potential National Title shot on the line. I think that says something, but I'm not sure what.

-Christina and Burke are becoming painful to watch. The scene where he destroyed Bailey, one of the favorite characters on the show, to cover for Christina just hurt. She only loves him as an ideal concept, not a man, and that's really a hard thing to watch, especially when it hurts others (and eventually kills a patient as I believe it will).

-Question: Has Meredith actually ever done anything medically successful on the show? She does the routine stuff with a clipboard, but we never see her step up in crunch time (bomb episode excluded, which wasn't really medical) like Alex did last night, for example.

-One of Grey's finer moments occured last night when Izzy told the burn victim that asking for help doesn't make you crazy. We all need community to support us, and it was nice to see that acknowledged.

-I believe men should cry more. However, I do not want to cry at a tv show about fake people. Occassionally, Grey's makes me really fight it though (ie, last year when the father of the girl killed in the car crash puts his hand on the other driver's shoulder as a sign of forgiveness). It happened again last night when the fiancee called the baby girl, who wasn't biologically his, his child. It oversimplified a complex situation and it was pure Hollywood, but it still tore me up. But only a little.

-McSteamy is becoming a one-trick clown. All he ever does is sleep with people, and it's starting to be hilarious because it's all he does.

-Next week looks like a classic episode. All the men in the mountains, McSteamy going after Grey, and, everybody's favorite, castration!

-Grey's A was featured on the cover of US Weekly magazine this past week with the headline: "War on the Set! Violence, a gay star forced to come out, Patrick Dempsey's bravery. Who'll get fired - will Grey's Anatomy survive." A) Of course, Grey's will survive; it's the best show on television and has a cult-like following, yours truly included. B) We had the story of the on-set brawl last week. Redeeming Prufrock, always one step ahead of US Weekly :)


nicole said...

That show is addicting like crack. I started watching this year and loved it so much I felt the need to go out and buy seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. I am so obsessed I find it hard to tear myself away to go to work. :)

I heard Burke is getting fired though, because the actor is apparently unbearable to work with. Word is they auditioned Bill Bellamy to replace him. So maybe you won't have to suffer through Christina and Burke anymore.

Jenn Pappa said...

haha i definitely teared up at that moment too... grey's makes me tear up a lot... ah!