Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Miscellany

I haven't done this in a while, so it's time for some rambling:

-My buddy Jeff (frequent commenter on Redeeming Prufrock) came down with a stomach bug 10 minutes before Thanksgiving dinner. This is catastophe, and I relay this to you because this situation deserves as much pity as can be garnered. There really are only 10 other minutes during the entire year during which it is worse to become sick.

-I never thought I'd say this about a John Fox-coached Panthers team, but they play with no heart. There is no reason a team with Jake Delhomme, DeShaun Foster, Deangelo Williams, Steve Smith, Keyshaun Johnson, Mike Wahle, Jordan Gross, Julius Peppers, Kris Jenkins, Maahke Keomatu, Thomas Davis, Ken Lucas, Chris Gamble, and John Kasey should be 6-5 playing in the shambles of this year's NFC.

-I learned shelving today that Lyons Publishing Group put out a couple books on horses. One of the titles: Lyons on Horses. Immediate hilarious mental image that becomes more and more disturbing the more I think on it.

-Wonder how many people left the Thanksgiving table early to watch Grey's A Thanksgiving night.

-Dwayne Jarrett's one-handed, left-handed catch against Notre Dame Saturday night was sicker than Jeff at Thanksgiving. He could've used both hands but decided he didn't need to. Kind of like USC could've dropped 70 on Notre Dame if they had played with both hands. Ohio St./USC seems a lot more watchable than Ohio St./Mich, Part II from this sports fans couch.

-It's hard to get in the Christmas spirit working in retail. We've had the nutcrackers and other such decorations up since Halloween, and a lot of the "holiday spirit" I get from customers is disgruntledness. So here I am, walking around the store like it's not the most wonderful time of the year, when Perry Como's Christmas album comes on over the loudspeaker. A Como Christmas melts me like Southern snow in the December sunlight. Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays everyone!


Christa said...

and didn't they promise a two hour Grey's Anatomy and we only got one hour...what is up with that?

Ben said...

They toyed with us, Christa, saying that "it couldn't be contained in 1 hour." So we got 1 hour and 10 minutes (including commercials). Sigh.

Alas! it is Tuesday! Only 2 more days. . .

Chris Pappa said...

I don't like Grey's A...but I watched all 70 minutes.

It's not as fun watching with my mom, who was an ER nurse for 22 years. Random outbursts like "That's absurd" and "that would never happen," or the occasional "HA!" put a damper on the otherwise flawless drama that is Grey's Anatomy.