Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas in Da House

Around the Christmas holiday, my old high school raises money for impoverished families in the area who have children in the county school system. The money funds presents, essentials, and meals for the family's Christmas. It's a simultanously impressive and humbling program. The amount of money raised by this far-from-wealthy community simply from 1500 students asking for donations is astounding. As a former student who shopped for these children as well as delivered the food and presents on a late December morning, very few other things will move a high schooler quite like it. It still stirs emotion in this college grad, as these students and the community work to fill empty chairs that exist in their community around the holidays.

The school and it's efforts were recognized by Rep. Sue Myrick in the United States House of Representatives last Friday. I don't know much about what goes on in the House. I've been told a lot of absenteeism and newspaper reading. But I like this.





Friday, December 8, 2006

Mrs. MYRICK. Mr. Speaker, I would like to honor and recognize the students, teachers and administrators at Sun Valley High School located in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Over the past two weeks, Sun Valley students have given more than $23,000 out of their pockets to help the less fortunate in their area. This money will go to a program called the Sun Valley Children's Christmas Party, which will help needy elementary children in their area who won't have a Christmas.

The Sun Valley Children's Christmas Party has been helping impoverished children for more than three decades. It began as a small project to help a handful of needy families experience the joy of Christmas. Today, thanks to the generosity of the Sun Valley community, 30 to 35 needy elementary children, and their families, will have a Happy Christmas this year.

I am most impressed by this effort because it is student driven. Not only do Sun Valley students raise the money, but on December 14th, a group of students will actually pick up the children at school and take them to Monroe Mall where they will purchase them new clothes, shoes, and coats. They take the children to visit Santa, have lunch at Chick- Fil-A, and end their visit by taking the kids to get ice cream. Later, Sun Valley students will shop for essential items, food, and new school supplies for the children, as well as toys and gifts for their brothers and sisters. Then on December 16th, the students will deliver all the gifts to the family as well as food for a Christmas feast.

Leading this student driven program are the co-chairs of the Children's Christmas Party, Student Council President Alexandra Knight Efird, and Student Council Vice-President Paige Lillia Donham. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed. Likewise, the Student Council faculty advisors, James P. Wall IV and Christopher Martin, have also worked countless hours to help the students in their effort. I would like to recognize the efforts of students in the classes of Mr. Wall, Mr. Reynolds, and Mr. Faulkner. They raised the most money out of all the classes at Sun Valley, and Mr. Reynolds class alone raised over $2,000 for this effort.

Mr. Speaker, I am honored to say that I represent Sun Valley High School. In a day and age where people tend to think only of themselves, here is a shining example of a group of young people who know what Christmas is really all about. I commend them for their efforts to make their community a better place by helping the less fortunate during this holiday season. I hope that this wonderful effort will continue at Sun Valley for many years to come.

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Anonymous said...

Yay Sun Valley! This has been doing on for over twenty years. Such a greaaaat thing. During December last year when we were raising the money, one child, her name was Stacey, asked me if she could help us shop and deliver the presents. She said Sun Valley had done this for her family the year before, and she wanted to give back too. :) How wonderful. Giving is so rewarding, for both the giver and the reciever!

Alexandra Efird
-Sun Valley Graduate 2007