Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bath, Bed, and Beyond!

My posts usually emerge from random thoughts that I have during the day at work. Shelving books for hour upon hour requires very little mental effort, so something has to go on up there - and contrary to a recent opinion poll of my roomates and other close chums, something usually does. Writing here helps ground what I think about during the day.

I had a bad day at work today, for no particular reason. It just struck me right after lunch that I felt like not working. My thoughts for the afternoon (normally prime thinking time after the hot steam of my coffee burns off the early morning mental fog) went something like this:

"I'm tired. . . . I got eight hours of sleep last night; why am I tired?. . . . Ugh, it's only 2:31. . . . Who put these books back in the wrong order?!?!?!. . . . I hate customers. . . . Pooh! The books fell off the shelf AGAIN!!!. . . . My back hurts. . . . I'm 22 years-old, and my back hurts. . . . Lisa just stuck her cheek in my face and told me to give her a "kissie" (my co-worker Lisa is in her mid-40's, married and a mother of two, and is a real sweetie except on days like today). . . . This stack of books needing to be shelved isn't getting any smaller. . . . Ugh, it's only 2:33. . . . I feel like a turd sandwich. . . ."

That was the PG-rated version for the sake of all the kids out there. And to avoid that pesky "Parental Advisory" stamp, which really cramps my flow, if you're feeling me.

I know I shouldn't complain, and I didn't - outloud. Regardless, these thoughts were put on "Repeat" and accounted for the majority of what I thought about today. Accordingly, I have nothing of substance to write.

Except that I'm taking a bath and going to bed. Tomorrow, my friends, is a new day.


Jeff said...

you look like a turd sandwich.

Jenn Pappa said...

soo been there

Welcome to PMS

Ben said...

Speaking of turd sandwiches, I google-imaged "turd sandwich" in order to link a picture from my post but figured there wouldn't be an options. To my surpised, there is a bounty of pictures available for the search "turd sandwich." After inspecting them closely, I refrained from linking one. You're welcome.

And Jenn, I've got no response. I'm speechless.