Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tuesday Tersenesses

-Overreaching for the sake of alliteration. . . . one of my favorite pasttimes.

-Congrats to Charlotte-native Chris Leak and the Florida Gators on last night's convincing win in the National Championship game. It was a perfect ending for Leak, the MVP, who had many detractors during his stint in Gainesville that included 35+ wins and a coaching change. Unfortunately for the concept of fairness, those same detractors were able to celebrate a National Title today, a championship which he helped bring them.

-On a related note, I'm all for bad puns, but the whole "National Chomps" or "National Chompionship" thing is really, really bad. Not to mention the fact that it's EVERYWHERE.

-During last night's game, I flipped over to pro wrestling during time-outs. I haven't watched in years, but I bet if I watched three episodes, I'd be hooked again. The stuff is terrible - bad acting, bad writing, bad everything. But it's genius in it's addictive nature. I had trouble turning back to the game and actually missed part of it when I turned back too late. Not nearly as bad as when I missed part of this year's Michigan/Ohio St game because I was watching a TiVo'ed Oprah Winfrey episode that showcased the cast of Grey's A, but still bad nonetheless. Wrestling is like smoking. You know it's bad for you, but once you experience it a couple times, it's hard as the dickens to stop.

-Did you know: the most generous state in the Union, measured by charitable gifts per capita, is also the poorest, Mississippi.

-I love Aquafresh toothpaste. Always have. The bad thing about Aquafresh though is that if one drips it on one's shirt, say, while watching Sportscenter before work, it bleaches my, er, one's shirt, flaunting the mistake all day no matter how quickly and intensely one dabs at it immediately after the drippage.

-Hope for all you aspiring writers out there. I noticed today that Nicole Ritchie has a book out. As do wrestlers Kane and Mankind. Kermit the Frog does too - despite the damning rumor in elite bookstore inventory circles that he, in fact, lacks opposable thumbs.


tim jenkins said...

I'm sure you had to appreciate ginn jr ruining any shot his team had by injuring himself doing an endzone dance

Wilson said...

Thats right, give it up for MS, the most loving state in the country. You other pagans need to step it up!

I'm feeling you on that wrestling thing, I go back to it every couple years and watch it for a while then I stop cause it gets old. Viscious cycle.

Also I wouldn't tell many people about that Oprah thing. Keep that on the DL. Its bad enough with your Grey's obsession.

I'm feeling you on the toothpaste thing. Definately done that before too. Hate it.....peace out!

Jenn Pappa said...

an endzone dance? hahaha love it!

The toothpaste thing was pretty hard for me in high school. I used to get up 20 minutes before the late bell would ring so i would have 10 minutes to shower, 5 mintutes to get dressed, 1 minute to brush my teeth and 4 to get to school and run to class. At some point of the day, normally around lunch time when I would actually be awake, I started realizing I had this ring of white stuff on my sleeve and i was never sure where it came from. Then, one day, it hit me! It was toothpaste! After that, I started getting up 21 minutes before the bell so I could pay more attention when brushing. Man, doesnt everybody miss high school?

Also, yay for grey's not being a rerun this week. FINALLY.

Ben said...

Well-played, Mr. Jenkins, well-played. :)

Glad to get some love on the toothepaste. Jenn, I love the story and would feel a lot better knowing I'm not alone except that I don't have the high school excuse anymore. I'm just messy. Sigh.