Friday, January 26, 2007

Weekend Wanderings

Random thoughts heading into the weekend:

-I've had to go into work at 6am a lot recently. This is early, but not demoralizing - until I turn on the tv while I'm eating my Reese's Puffs. Sportscenter is on ALL the time. You can't get away from it. Except at 5:45am when it's not on. That's early. Demoralizingly early.

-A female co-worker of mine also works as an assistant teacher for a local elementary school. The teacher she is paired with is Bill Polian's daughter (Bill Polian is the General Manager of the Indianapolis Colts). My co-worker has a free Super Bowl ticket, as well as access to places that exclude peons, but has to work the Saturday before. She could not find someone to cover for her, so her little brother is taking the ticket instead. At some point, you just have to lie. "Borders, I'm sick. . . ."

-Coca Cola Zero is delicious.

-During the summer after my high school graduation, a friend of mine dated the actress who played the 23-year old blonde with the tumor on "Grey's A" last night. I played third wheel a couple times, going with them to parties and such. You can have my autograph, if you'd like.

-I've been shelving a lot of books about dogs recently at Borders. Is there anything consistently cuter than puppies? I submit there is not. I mean, come on, look at this and this and this and this and. . . .

-The State of the Union address has entered the realm of the absurd. I read an article about the speech's content in Tuesday's "Charlotte Observor." Sound odd? It should because the speech wasn't given until Tuesday night. Talk about bad advertising. That's like giving the final score before showing the actual sporting event (not to mention any names, Olympic coverage). Where's the motivation to actually watch the speech? Maybe it's in Absurdity #2, the incessant clapping or lack thereof. It's like watching second-graders mindlessly supporting friends because they are cool or stubbornly hating non-friends because they are dumb. I suppose the applause shows support or criticism, but it looks like childish pouting to me. Let your voice and your vote speak, even though that may require actual attendance in Congress.

-The best part about watching the State of the Union: the constant presence of Dick Cheney's facial expression. You can just tell that man thinks he's better than you.

-To answer Oakley's question from Tuesday's comments: Winning fantasy basketball gets you pride, personal glory, and the respect of your peers.

And a need to repent, of course.


Alicia said...

oh you are so right.... there is nothign cuter than puppies!!! (except for maybe you when you are cute)

Jeff said...


Wilson said...

Its a sad day when you can't start your day with some Sportscenter.

Oakley said...

Your last two bullet points just made my day. I could watch entire movies of Cheney's facial expressions. I got to eat Sunday lunch with Mr. Brad Phyllis, which is always a fun time. I think im commin home this comming weekend for Superbowl and other stuff so keep truckin with those 6am workdays. Perhaps some coffee over your cocoa puffs could help......