Monday, February 19, 2007

Stupid Technology

My computer blew up mid-post and deleted everything I had typed. This happened one time after I had authored a couple pages of a paper in college. Worst thing ever for a writer. Nothing feels more awkward than trying to re-create exactly what you had before the catastrophe. It is never exactly the same, and you can feel it.

My computer blew up mid-post, and I have lost my flow. My apologies. I will return with a vengeance tomorrow.

Computer willing.


Anonymous said...

God held a contest to see who was a better writer--Jesus or Satan. Both got a certain prompt and were given 48 hours to work on it. So Jesus and Satan diligently plugged away for hours, working through the nights.

With an hour left to go, the power went out. Satan re-booted his computer, only to find that he had lost everything. He went to God to request a rematch, but as he was going, he saw Jesus turning something in.

"Wait," Satan said, "What's going on? How'd you get the paper done with the power out?"

God smiled. "Perhaps you didn't know: Jesus saves."

Jenn Pappa said...

sooooooooooo been there

Jenn Pappa said...

sooooooooooo been there

Ben said...


Speaking of saving, thanks for saving a boring and uneventful Monday on RP. I've got mad props for wit - also known as "corniess" to the less enlightened :) Nice to see that the much beleagured cheesy joke can indeed be redeemed to share the Gospel.