Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl A 7-10 Split

Pontifications concerning yesterday's above-average Super Bowl:

-I finally got tired of Super Bowl hype on Saturday. That's the day before the game, Humphries, what's the big deal? you ask. Let me clarify: I finally got sick of Super Bowl hype LAST Saturday, eight days before the game. ESPN led "Sportscenter" with Super Bowl stuff for what seemed like ten days, and every afternoon program proclaimed: "Live from Miami." They may have been live in Miami, but I was asleep in Charlotte. A game only has but so many story lines. You can only talk about Grossman's inconsistencies, Manning's legacy, and the coaches's skin color but for so long before you have to start repeating yourself. Or start saying dumb stuff to fill the time.

-While not an instant classic, the game was competitive into the fourth quarter - which is more than we can say for a lot of Super Bowls.

-Most shocking part of the night (slightly beating out Viniateri's missed field goal): watching the Coca-Cola commercial that parodied the infamously violent video game "Grand Theft Auto." I kept expecting to see the character steal a car or run over three people in a cross walk to receive bonus points for being extra murderous. Instead, he just kept helping people. A really smart, witty idea by the folks at Coke. It was my favorite commerical of the night.

-Biggest disappointment of the night: the cable going out right as Prince began his halftime show. I talked excitedly about Prince all through the second quarter, only to be let down by faulty technology. His performance may not have been able to make the Super Bowl a strike, but it could have risen it to the level of a spare.

-Speaking of commercials, this might have been the deepest Super Bowl I've ever seen in terms of entertaining commercials. They had me laughing well into the fourth quarter.

-We knew Manning had to be the MVP because the NFL, like all major sports, is superstar-driven. In a just world, Colts RB's Addai and Rhodes would be making the famous trip to Disney World. Any attentive viewer knew it was the Colts's power rushing that dominated the entire game. The entire playoffs, in fact.

-Above all though, this Super Bowl stayed out of the gutter because of the smile on Tony Dungy's face when the clock hit 0:00. Dungy's peerless reputation is well-documented (see first bullet point). He struck me last year with one of the more memorable lines I've ever heard from a sports figure. Immediately following his teenage son's funeral, who had taken his life the previous week, he proclaimed to the world, "We also understand that we have some tremendous promises from God and God promises to be with us. He's with us in the great times. He's with us in the tough times." I was awe-struck watching the video clip on Sportscenter. He did it again last night saying that, above all, Bears coach Lovie Smith and he were Christian coaches, showing that people could win "the Lord's way." Dungy lets his candle shine before the world without burning others. He speaks and seems to live humbly and with strength. Watching his joy last night was beautiful.


Jenn Pappa said...

please note that during the halftime show, I made all 15 people in my apartment sit with the lights off so we could get the full effect of the glow sticks on the band and the AWESOME (and by awesome i mean you should literally have been sitting in your seat with your mouth open in awe) flowy-curtain thing that showed prince's reflection as he played... several of these unnamed participants were so moved they opened their cell phones and waved them back and forth paying tribute to the one and only artist formally... i mean.. uhh whats he go by now? yes PRINCE

purple RAIN purple rain...

sorry you missed it

Anonymous said...


That Coke commercial is actually several weeks old. I still love it, though.

My favorite? Rock, Paper, Scissors. "I threw rock." Teehee.

Bradley said...

The game had no redeeming quality. All is lost...oh, what woe is mine! The horror...the horror.

Ben said...

Who knew? Mistah Kurtz, a Chicago Bears fan.