Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I must seem like an arrogant jackass for leaving my "Published!" post up for a long time. And this identity may be closer to the truth than I wish to admit. Nevertheless, as Jeff said in the 12th comment, I am currently out of town, in the American Northeast, going through a series of job interviews. Accordingly, I have been unable to post. More on this to come Friday when I return to Dixieland.

Hope you all have had a wicked pissah of a week.


Jeff said...

you're not that arrogant


Wilson said...

First, I agree with Jeff.

Now, I'm extremely jealous you are in the "American Northeast," as you put it, in the land of fanatical fans, Dunkin Donuts, and crazy accents. How I long to return. Good luck with the job interviews.

And lastly, big ups on getting published. That's sweet, even if its in a magazine I've never heard of. But the fact that I've never heard of it means nothing, since I know nothing of most magazines not names ESPN and SI.