Friday, March 09, 2007

A Little About A Lot

Because I do not want to put forth the effort to string together continuous coherent thought on a Friday:

-When I turned on my car leaving work for the weekend, Mariah Carey's "Sweet Sweet Fantasy" had just begun on the radio. What ecstasy. Unfortunately, it was not the remix which features the late ODB. Yet, when one is given a mile, 'tis unrestrained greed to demand a mile and an inch.

-A few years ago, UNC coach Roy Williams dismissed the ACC Tournament as a "cocktail party." His comments were aggressively frowned upon, not because they were definitively false but because they insulted and discouraged corporate sponsorship (in my opinion). Speaking poorly of rich (who else attends cocktail parties?) corporate sponsors is tantamount to blasphemy or bigotry in 21st century America. We were reminded yesterday, though, of what the ACC Tournament will always be good for (besides making loads of money): giving Clemson one final opportunity to show the selection committee why it does not belong in the NCAA tournament.

-I'm still reeling from the sub-par three week series of "Grey's A." Redemption requires a new episode. Word on the street is that our wait ends next week.

-If Grey had died a couple weeks ago and Addison had become the show's new namesake as I requested on "RP," they could have called that episode "Addison by Subtraction."

-Borders Quote of the Week #1: Two construction workers helping to convert our cafe to the strict Kremlin's, er, Seattle's Best requirements came into the back room Wednesday morning talking about all the "freaky places" they had "done it," "it" presumably being sexual intercourse. I felt like I was the middle of a Ludacris song - except I don't think these fellas had ever been in a library. The conversation was raunchy. I had been exceedingly tired all day until I overheard them. I laughed on the inside during the conversation, not wanting to appear unmanly, and was in a good mood the rest of the day. Go figure.

-Borders Quote of the Week #2: "I gave up going to the gym in favor of doing sit-ups, push-ups, and Dance Dance Revolution. I lost 20 pounds!" -my inventory co-worker. Who knew?

-Check this out. The best part: Move your mouse over each turtle for a link to their own myspace pages. Raphael has 4507 friends including Donatello, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, and Tom. The best message left is from Malus, The Horseman of War, who writes: "You sir, kick so much ass! If there was a Hall of Fame for Kick-Assery, you would be King Master Champion!" Couldn't have said it better myself.

-A co-worker of mine came into work unhappy and late today. She said she realized this morning that this (this being working two jobs at Borders and Duke Energy) was going to be the rest of her life. I think we've all had this Sisyphusian feeling at some point. In our affluent 21st century American society, how we respond to this realization shapes our lives. I'm excited for her because she did not run from the reality of felt hopelessness in her life. She is encountering it, even though it is difficult and despairing. She wants to go to Africa someday and "do some good." I hope today was her first step.

-We "spring forward" for Daylight Savings on Saturday night. Though this sounds happy and energetic, it will make me grumpy and tired when (read: if) I get up for church Sunday morning sans one hour of sleep. Yet, Sunday begins a really great time of year when the sun stays out hours past the drive home from work. This, my friends, puts a spring in my forward step.

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