Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Love of My Life

The frustrating thing about blogging is that I am unable to participate in my favorite part of the writing process - editting. My senior English professor always said that no one writes a good essay the first time around. An ancient Greek who I cannot remember entreated us to write, let the work sit around for seven years, and then return to it. If it was still worthwhile, then you might have something with which to work.

Today, I editted. In reflecting on yesterday's post, I realized my great need to apologize to you all for the embarrassing mixture of metaphors in yesterday's post (this stylistic sin ranks as the third most egregious behind the passive voice and comma splices). Unfortunately, I fear mixed metaphors and verbosity are a result of my lack of blog editting. Today, I remedied at least the former concern.

I also came across an opportunity to submit something to a publication that was looking for contributive articles. This sounds like fun, so I figured I'd give it a shot by sending yesterday's post. One cannot do such a thing and save any face with mixed metaphors.

More than all of this though, it feels good to have something clean, something tweaked, something a little more final than the brain vomit which is most of my posts.

So today's post is an edition. If the redundancy and legnth bore you, my apologies. I will return to normal tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.


Jenn Pappa said...

did you know edited only has one t? or were you trying to be clever?

i think i like editing more than the writing... something already there to work with instead of having to think of something important to say... just never comes to me

hope you get published

Ben said...

Hey Jenn, thanks for the comment. . . OF COURSE I knew edited only had one T. . . I was just trying to be clever and funny and ironic. . . only an idiot thinks edited has two T's. . . certainly not me. . . heh heh. . . hope you enjoyed the joke. . .

(Psst, Jenn, I've got a secret. You can't tell ANYONE. I really didn't know how to spell edited at all. I guessed - and guessed wrong. Don't tell anyone though; they'll think I'm dumb, especially after saying I spent 45 minutes editing this post and LOVED the process. Let's just keep that between ourselves. Thanks for the edit though; I'll change it before anyone sees it.)

Anonymous said...

haha ok sorry i sorta feel like a jerk

editting is the way i'm gonna spell it from now on.. just to apologize

that's some good editting

Ben said...

Feeling like a jerk is not allowed, so you must cease.

Besides, the only person who would be allowed to feel like a jerk if it were allowed is the one who posts about the effort he put in editing an essay that spoke of "Sliced Break" instead of "Sliced Bread," mispelled the word "editing," and omitted a Galatians refernce, creating a very confusing sentence (if one can call it a sentence in its confused state).

Anonymous said...

Ben, are you aware of the "spell-check" button that Blogger offers? It is on top of the text screen and represented by the letters "ABC." Highlights the incorrectly spelled words for you...

In case you care.