Thursday, March 15, 2007


As my friend Jeff revealed in the yesterday's comments, the online version of Relevant Magazine published an article of mine yesterday. Those of you who consistently follow my blog will recognize most of it from Monday/Tuesday. Please check it out if you like. They added pictures and cool font to the title!

I have never had any of my writing published before. I tried once, sending an article about the racial division in high school track and field to a running magazine. They declined. I still have the rejection letter, a read badge of courage, if you will. My English teacher at the time said that we should be proud of rejection letters, as that's how all writers start out. I was expecting to be proud of another after my submission to Relevant. But sometimes, for whatever reason, God gives us moments we don't deserve.

I am still uncertain just how big a deal this is. I do not read Relevant except for a short 750-word article they send me every week. Perhaps this is the biggest irony of all of this. Relevant is way too cool for me. They write about bands I've never even heard of, much less listen to. For example, two articles to the right of mine is an interview with "Reliant K." Imagine my surprise when I found out they are not a breakfast cereal, as I initially thought, but are actually a band.

If Relevant knew me, they would have never accepted my article. They must not find out my true identity. This, my dear reader, will be our little secret.

Regardless of importance, I was really really excited that they accepted my writing. Beats the heck out of a rejection letter, regardless of what my senior English teacher says. Some writers do not care for validation; they simply write as they wish, indifferent to mass opinion. A couple writers even rage against this acceptance, thinking they have "sold out" if too many people like their stuff.

For better or worse, I am currently neither of these people. Getting published makes me excited.

So here we have it, my first publication. I just wanted to throw it out there in case any of you were interested. No blog post tomorrow. I get off work at 3:30 and won't get off my tail until after midnight, due to the tourny. See you all next week!


Jenn Pappa said...

i cant believe you dont know who reliant k is... seriously, go check them out... they are so fun

congrats on the published work of art :)

Jeff said...

reliant k sucks. and their lead singer is a tool.

but i could be wrong.

Esther said...

I agree with Chris, Relient K is great. (spelled with an 'e', not an 'a') I guess it depends upon your taste in music though. Check them out and see what you think. I can suggest good songs to listen to. Congratulations on getting published!!!

Esther said...

ohhh, embarrassing... I saw pappa and assumed Chris... I mean, "I agree with Jenn"...

Tasha said...

Congrats Ben!!! :)

Jenn Pappa said...

i didnt say reliant k was extremely talented... i said "fun" and nobody can deny that..

ps- Music snobs make Jesus cry

Jeff said...


the time i saw them, the lead singer was extremely pissy the whole time. it was probably the least fun concert that i've ever been to.

so that's why i'm a little jaded towards them.

Tammy said...

Don't feel too bad, Ben. If it weren't for some friends who are more on top of current music trends than I am, I wouldn't know who Relient K is either. Then again, that might not be any consolation.
That is pretty awesome to have something published. Personally, I prefer the original version. I think your natural writing style is more fun to read than the edited version. Either way, though, it is still insightful, relatable, and encouraging. (Which is probably why they chose to publish it.) Keep using the gift God has given you.

Ashleigh said...

Saw the link on Alex's blog; really enjoyed it. Quite proud to have one of our own off sharing wisdom w/ the world in real-deal print media.

I am learning more and more that I need to live by the Spirit rather than some sort of spiritual bracketology, but it's a lot easier said than done! It takes time to get used to recognizing God's voice. (But he HAS been speaking when I am consistently listening!)

Hey, I heard you might be applying for staff? I have to admit, I'm not a very consistent reader of your blog at this pt, so you may have already said... what happened w/ that?

Ldship selection is this weekend... so sure you're missing that, right? ;o) Thanks again for meeting with me last yr to chat about C-Team. It's been one crazy ride, and I'll be there bright and early Saturday morning for my second interview. :o)


Adam Hoffman said...

So Ben get published and then he goes missing???? What's the dillo?

Jenn Pappa said...

sittin at work going thru withdrawals cause of the lack of blogging... heroin... blogoin... same difference


ps- jeff- sorry Relient K jaded you. I saw them in a middle school gym in Taylorsville, NC before they hit it big... egos were still small

Jeff said...

haha. that may have been the difference. I'm from Hickory...I probably know that gym.

Ben is on vacation and will be back later in the week.