Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Very Odd Week

Odd Encounter of the Week #2: Molly Fan-non

On Thursday, a customer approached me at the information desk and said that Molly Shannon should have won an Oscar for her role in "Serendipity." She said they only give Oscars to "silly" people these days. The conviction in her voice and the determination in her eyes implied that she also believed Shannon should have brought home some gold for her work in "Superstar." She called this movie "fabulous" and wanted to buy its soundtrack.


Anonymous said...

Ben, can you please keep the length down? These long posts are getting to me.

Wilson said...

You disappoint me Ben. I thought for sure you would have weighed in on Henderson-Hansbrough drama by now. Geez, its been over 24 hours since it happened. Add that to a entry that takes about 20 seconds to read and you've really dropped the ball lately.