Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Editing on the Way

Dear reader, I must subject you to more editing in the coming day. I wrote tonight's post as a first draft for something I wish to submit for publication. Hopefully, we can fool "Relevant" into thinking that I am cool or "rad," as I hear the kids are saying these days, once more.

I am currently unsatisfied with this post. For one, it is too long according to Relevant's standards and according to those of any reader who wishes to maintain sanity. Secondly, I'm not exactly sure what I'm saying. This, above all else, is a problem.

So tomorrow I edit! It should be an adventure. You are welcome to come along with me. Suggestions are always welcomed, as comments or as e-mails: bhumps@gmail.com

I do hope you come along for the ride, as verbose and confusing as it may be. And in case you do, you now cannot say you haven't been warned.

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