Friday, April 13, 2007

Semi-Successful Submission

That title sounds hard, like something from UFC. I like it.

I sent a recent post entitled "From The Masters to The Master" in to Relevant, the online magazine which published an article I wrote in March about the NCAA Tournament. Here was the response I received this afternoon:

"Thanks so much for writing.
We’ll be contacting you if your article runs at


This feels like a crush saying she has too much homework to do to hang out tonight. . . . for the sixth night in a row. . . . in the summer. A truly nice way of saying "Thanks, but no thanks" if I ever saw one.

But take heart, dear reader! Fear not! We remain undeterred and shall make another attempt at publication when time and subject matter present themselves.

Redeeming Prufrock did receive some exposure on a website called "Think Christian" where "we talk about Christ, culture, and the ways that faith plays out in everyday life." Mine is the second post from the top, entitled "Witness on the Golf Course." The concept is unfamiliar to me, and I do not think this counts as an official "publication" as the site seems to exist as one huge blog. I will list the link under "Publications" down the right side of RP nonetheless. Ah, vanity.

I am excited the site thought enough of the post to link to it (the pre-editted one, no less!). A big thank you to whoever sent my writing to them. Please send me an e-mail at so I can know who you are and thank you personally.

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