Thursday, April 19, 2007


I do apologize for this weak week of blogging here at Redeeming Prufrock. I offer no excuses, only apologies. Unfortunately, this week will end with a whimper and not with a bang because I must make haste to catch a flight to New Hampshire for the weekend - although not so much haste that I did not sit in my parking lot and listen to Tupac's (I think) "California Knows How to Party" on the radio after work. I remain indifferent towards California having never visited, but, man, that song is just fantastic.

I'm in New Hampshire this weekend to learn how to ask people for money for my new job. If you ask my parents, they'd say this weekend will be completely redundant and unnecessary. Nevertheless, I look forward to it for the knowledge and friendships I will gain.

Anyways, hope you all have a great weekend. Party like your in California since it knows how. I'll see ya'll Tuesday when I return south.


Anonymous said...

You wienie.

Esther said...

I overheard Jeff talking and you're going to be in town soon? I told him to tell you hi for me, but he's probably forgotten. But, hi from me! I probably won't see you :-( but I hope your visit to both NH and to CH go well!

mwk said...

The editorial comment I'm about to make hopefully won't seem as rude as I'm afraid it might, but as I've resisted making it the past and it still bugs me, I'm just going to give in. Please cease and desist from spelling the contracted version of you all as “ya'll.” Technically, the way you have spelled it, it is a contraction of ya all, not you all. The proper spelling should be y'all. Sorry, but the misspelling of this word is one of my biggest pet-peeves as a native Southerner!

Jenn Pappa said...

haha mwk that's funny