Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good News

My faithful readers know of my current celebrity crush, Addison from "Grey's Anatomy." Addy's three predecessors, in chronological order, were Michelle Branch, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Sara Evans.

Jeff informed me tonight that The Wreckers (a band featuring Ms. Branch) and Sara Evans will both perform next week at Charlotte's pre-NASCAR street festival called "Speed Street." The concerts are free.

This is very good news.


Oakley said...

Whoa!!! When is speed street? I'd gladly make the trek to charlotte to see mitchy branch and the lovely Sara Evans. Lemme know.

Ben said...

Next Thursday night. I'm unsure of the time, but it's probably 7ish. You need to come, as you might be the only other person I know who owns a Sara Evans cd.

Oakley said...

Sweet! I'm there! I have a CPR class in raleigh til 1pm but i'll head down to charlotte after that since i need to take some stuff home before i move to Hotlanta in june. I'm getting pumped! We should get some folks together to go.

p.s. i'm going to pray for your teeth