Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Walking with Legends

The PGA Tour is in Charlotte this weekend for the Wachovia Championship featuring 28 of the world's top 30 players. At 7:30 this morning, the pro-am teed off. The first group consisted of Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan along with Charlotte car dealer Skipper Beck.

Yes, that's right, THE Skipper Beck. Thousands turned out to see him.

My friend Lauren Deason, who incidentally has provided me a ticket for Saturday;s round, works for and was given the assignment to cover this morning's group. She walked 18 holes, INSIDE THE ROPES, with perhaps the two most successful and popular sports figures in the history of the world (a nod here to Muhammad Ali as well). Tough job, right? I shelved books all day today.

Advantage: Lauren.

Here's the link to the blog she kept for during the round, as she walked in places that few people have and will ever walk.

Side by side with Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.


Jeff said...

i hate lauren

Anonymous said...

i hate golf

and, sure, why not--i hate lauren too

Anonymous said...

i dont know lauren but i think thats a pretty stinkin awesome day... and blog

go lauren go

(i always have to pull for the underdog)

Oakley said...

Saw Tiger Woods at the Wachovia a few years ago.....he's MUCH shorter in person.

Ben said...

Oakley, how dare you minimize the legend! I hear he's 7'6" and, at age 9, beat up Chuck Norris even though Norris has 20+ years on him.