Monday, June 18, 2007

Live From Wisconsin!

Wisconsin, home of cheese, an aging quarterback, Bucky, and (most relevantly) InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

The city of Madison takes its place as my home for the next ten days, as I navigate through InterVarsity's Orientation for New Student, henceforth known simply as ONS (pronounced "oh en ess" and not like the plural form a common preposition).

I will attempt to blog frequently about my experience in Wisconsin, this being not only my first visit to the state but also my first visit to the Midwest. Given our schedule, my posts will be short and consequently not well thought out.

The former characteristic may be new for my consistent readers. The latter? Well, just business as usual from your old hack here at Redeeming Prufrock.


Brad said...

Oh yeah, disparaging references to Brett Favre (not to mention pictures of Favre getting his posterior handed to him on a stick by Mike Brown of THE Chicago Bears). I love it...

I have an uncle in Wisconsin, but he never sends me cheese. Go figure.

Ben said...

I specifically and intentionally chose that picture for you, Mr. Phillis. Glad you enjoyed.

Redeeming Prufrock, we cater to your needs.

Kevin said...

I'm pretty sure that ONS stands for One Night Stand. Is that really the kind of thing that InterVarsity should be teaching?

Jeff said...

Kevin, my friend, I don't think Ben was even INFERRING that Intervarsity was talking about One Night Stands. And for that matter...who even says "one night stand"? If I was one to have "one night stands", I would certainly not want to use an acronym for it. I would want to make sure everyone clearly understood that I was getting my freak on.

Ashleigh said...

I know you think ONS is Orientation for New Students and Kevin thinks it's One Night Stand, but last I heard it was actually an Orientation for New STAFF?

Just a minor correction for one of those less-thought-out posts. (Kidding! On a more serious note, I'm enjoying getting some sort of insiders view of ONS through your blog. :o)