Thursday, June 28, 2007

Southern Fried Reinstatement

My Madison adventure ended Wednesday when I touched down in Charlotte at 9:10PM, two hours and 20 minutes after my plane should have landed per the initial itinerary. Even cuter, my bags did not return until 4:30PM on THURSDAY. Next time, I'm taking Greyhound. For all its flaws, Greyhound won't lose my bags. Plus, rumor has it I might fall in love there.

My posts became exceedingly lax the second half of my time in Madison which I imagine is rather unfortunate given that we moved on from fundraising training just about that time. Fundraising may be the axis on which the staff world turns and the honey in our tea, but it must remain painfully unexiciting to you, dear reader. For this, I apologize. It simply becomes harder to find time to blog when you like people, and I began to like spending time with the folks I worked with as the week wore on. It appears blog posts and human interaction are inversely proportionate to one another.

This mathematical truth probably speaks volumes about my Charlotte social life.

Nevertheless, I re-entered Southern society with a gastrointestinal vengenance today. Madison has a great diversity of restaurants - Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean, Afghani, Wisconsian - that I enjoyed greatly. But like America in the 1920's, my stomach needed a return to normalcy. Today, that is precisely what it got:

Lunch at Bojangles:
4 Chicken Supremes
mashed potatoes w/ gravy
green beans
biscuit w/ grease
32 oz. sweet tea (refilled twice)

Dinner at The 'Cue Shack:
Hickory Smoked Pork Butt (lest ye think me a prude, this is how it is labeled on the menu)
Mac and Cheese
Fried Okra
more sweet tea

Welcome home, Tummy, welcome home.


Jeff said...

1920s reference killed me. Well played, sir.

I miss the Q Shack.

Brad said...

"Welcome home, Ben," says your toilet, "welcome home."

His Little Joy said...

Two hours and twenty minutes? You were LUCKY! We finally landed FOUR and a half hours after we were supposed to, then waited an hour for our luggage which, of course, was still in Chicago and didn't arrive until 8p.m. on Thursday. I asked the lady why it wouldn't have been put on our plane and she said "Oh, it was probably just too full." Curses for luggage discrimination. Oh and mad props for the Sara Evans reference... you know you're back where you belong when country music is quoted everywhere. ;)

Jonathan said...

let's hear it for Sara Evans... just can't find people around here these days that appreciate country music the way you do, Ben!

Ben said...

Dude, I saw her in concert for free a couple weeks back.


It caused a revival of Sara Evans in my car CD player - all 4 of her cd's which I, uh, borrowed from my sister. Yeah, that's it, borrowed from my sister. . . .

Brad said...

Country music = air pollution
Fried food = toilet pollution
Ben's face = ...

"If We Are The Body" is, quite possibly, my least favorite song of the last ten years. I'll be interested to hear your take on Tuesday, Mr. Humphries.