Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Super Market

Odd Encounter of the Week: farmer's market

Every Saturday during the summer months, the city of Madison opens up the square around the capital building for the purpose of hosting a farmer's market. The event is rather large, taking one a solid 30 mintues for one to stroll through.

A few odd observations from Madison's market:

-Vendors sold meat from bison and ostrich, in addition to live chickens and turkeys. If you wanted a chicken or turkey, a sign told you to "Inquire."

-Farmer John sold cheese at a booth. John Farmer is my roomate from Richmond, VA. In a touching moment, they met. Chiasmus, bringing people together.

-Vendors advertised cheese as "sqeak-a-licious." We asked why. Apparently, new curds create cheese which squeaks between one's teeth during mastication. We tested various samples of cheese, and lo and behold, they squeaked.

-A woman told me her she once had a dream of growing a beard. To achieve said dream, she rubbed Miracle Gro on her face. Though a beard did not emerge, her face did turn blue.

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His Little Joy said...

uhh i think all i have to say is "awkward starfish!" :0P