Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Total Glimpse of the Heart

We interns, we are a loud bunch. We stand on the brink of a new and exciting job which the Lord has called us to. This is exciting and worthy of outbursts.

Plus, we are stuck in a hotel conference room for hours upon hours. Our only release: yelling, screaming, and clapping whenever the slightest chance presents itself.

We heard all kinds of great stories yesterday. People coming to faith in college. People coming to faith through fundraising. People coming to faith on their deathbeds. Answered prayer. Fundraising blessings. Reconciliation achieved. Anger concurred. God magnified, glorified, and I wish I had another verb that ended in "ified."

These all drew great applause.

But what sparked the loudest hurrah?

A movie clip from a film about a man who needed to raise funds in order to complete his mission of crossing Antartica. We watched in silence until a companion of the protagonist signed over a $24,000 check to him.




A glimpse into the heart of a campus staff intern.

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His Little Joy said...

hahaha sooo true