Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why Fundraising Matters to Me (and You Too!)

As a staff worker for InterVarsity, I have to raise my own salary through a process of letters, phone calls, and face-to-face appointments with family, friends, and church members. My apologies for using the term "fundraising" in earlier posts without explaining what exactly I meant by it.

The apostle Paul spent a lot of time fundraising for his mission work, and his letters in the New Testament bear this out. Because of these funds, Paul had the means to take the Gospel out of Jerusalem to the surrounding Mediterranean Region and eventually all the way to Rome. Furthermore, this "apostle to the Gentiles" helped bring the news of Jesus to folks of non-Jewish descent.

I am a Gentile. I also do not live in Jerusalem.

If the people in Macedonia and Corinth and Phillipi do not give Paul the funds for his work, he probably would have starved in a prison cell early in his ministry. Even if he survived, he might have had to gone back to tentmaking, directing time away from and necessarily stagnating the spread of the Gospel.

Without sufficient support, perhaps the news of Jesus Christ does not get out of Jerusalem. Perhaps it does not make its way to Rome. Perhaps it does not make its way further into Europe. Perhaps it does not make its way to America.

Perhaps it does not make its way to me.

I raise my metaphorical glass tonight to the Macedonians, the Corinthians, and the Phillippians, the unsung heroes of the New Testament, who freed themselves from the slavery of money and gave to Paul so that I might know the good news that Christ died, Christ is risen, and Christ will come again.

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