Monday, July 23, 2007

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. . .

. . . though writing is a higher art form. I shall compose a recap of my night with the Potheads soon. But do not fret, I shan't use thousands of words. I fear I must disagree with the cliched conversion ratio; words are far more precious than that. If you cannot capture a moment with the pen, you possess little hope with a camera - no matter how many megapixels you hold in your possession.

Love words, dear reader. It shall change your life.

That being said, the beginnings of a photographic montage of Friday night:

"Spell 'spell.'"
"S-P-E-L, spell."
"Wrong again, Chris Pappa."

I could have been one of Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right. I guess I shall settle as one of Harry's Honies instead.

Blog friends Tasha and Erin (who, I shall add, were real friends well before they became blog friends) made the pilgrimage to visit Redeeming Prufrock in person and to partake in the evening's festivities - namely laughing at me.

More to come soon, as some photographic precincts have yet to report.


His Little Joy said...

Number One: Don't rag on friends who were blog friends before real friends! Although, I guess it was more of me stalking your blog than an actual friendship. :0P

Number Two: I have to disagree with your comment about writing being superior to a photograph. While it may be true that good writing is superior to a simple snapshot, the two aren't even worthy of a comparison. True photography with a dark room and the whole nine yards is a much higher form of art than a mere digital photo and as such is worthy to be compared with good writing. Ah, but just because it is worthy to be compared does not mean that one fares better than the other. In this way the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" gives credit to both art forms of writing AND photography, giving them equal value.

Anonymous said...

i am SO happy that I wasted company time today to look at this... oh my gosh I love it


I am so getting one of those.

Anybody else feel sad that the hype is over?

Eagerly awaiting halloween....

Kristen Greenholt said...

delightfully classy! i was hoping for something a little bit more broom-stick-able, but still... i think i am more enjoying the mental image of you entertaining hundreds of potter-happy 10-13 year olds in full regalia.

eagerly awaiting the verbal replay of the events in question... :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the tux. Where's the spray painted hair? Really sad I missed the chance to join in the festivities. Eagerly waiting for more pictures and stories to accompany them ofcourse.