Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Holy Jealousy

My favorite story of this past week's chapter camp came courtesy of a student from the University of Rhode Island. He began his story by telling that of Gideon, how the latter brought an army of 22,000 to wage battle against the Midianites. The Lord told him 22,000 was too many, so Gideon sent 12,000 home. The Lord again told Gideon that 10,000 was too many and proceeded to scatter the army all the way down to 300.

22,000 troops down to 300. Yet, the Lord, and undoubtedly not the army, brought victory in the ensuing battle.

Similarly this week, the Lord whittled down the URI contingent at camp to disappointingly low numbers, especially given that URI has one of the largest fellowships in New England that crests triple digits in numbers of students regularly attending their events. Yet, this student told of vision given, hope restored, God's purposes accomplished.

Triple digits down to single ones. Yet, the Lord, and undoubtedly not the students, brought victory this week at chapter camp.

I spoke to the student after he shared, thanking him for telling his story. He replied quite simply:

"The Lord is very jealous of his glory. He refuses to let it go to another."

I love this about the Almighty. He remains jealous of his glory, refusing to allow us to take credit for the wonderful things that he does. Certainly, Israel could not take credit for a major military victory with only 300 soldiers present. Certainly, URI could not take credit for the kingdom's advancement this past week. The credit, the glory goes to the Lord God Almighty, as it should all the time. Praise God for times like this when he shows us that reality and refuses to let our pride take credit for the transformational work that he is doing.

The Lord is very jealous of his glory indeed. He refuses to let it go to another.

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