Monday, August 20, 2007

Prayer Request

If you have read Redeeming Prufrock for any amount of time, you know by name and comment the husband and wife combo of Chris and Jenn Pappa. They comment often, with wisdom and wit no less. I found out this morning that Jenn has been hospitalized with what doctors suspect is viral meningitis after recently returning from a two week stint on an overseas mission trip. I once sat in a hospital bed a room over from a person with meningitis and discovered by audible observation that the disease does not play around.

Somehow, an odd and unexplainable community has risen up around this blog. I can feel it, and I sense that many of you do as well. It was not intentioned, and I really do not know how it happened. Jenn and Chris have been a part of this.

In that spirit, I ask you all who read regularly to pray for them this morning. Pray for speedy recovery for Jenn. Pray also for Chris during what must be a tiring, worrisome, and overall difficult time for him. Please pray also for their faith, that their onlooking family and friends may see the power and relevancy of the Gospel in the way they navigate through this difficult time. I believe they want you all to pray this.


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